Pros and Cons of Sugar Substitutes

As the usage of sugar substitutes like Stevia, Sucralose etc. are getting more and more popular, so are the misinformation about them. Here we try to paint a true, scientific picture of what are the Pros and Cons of sugar substitutes, or as it is popularly known in India, Sugar free products.

Pros of Sugar Substitutes

1. An effective product for diabetics

Sugar substitutes are a boon for diabetic people with a sweet tooth. As these products have very low-calorie count and Glycemic Index (which means they do not raise the blood sugar level fast), these are ideal for diabetic patients

2. Reduces calorie intake

With almost zero calories, Sugar Substitutes when consumed on a regular basis, restricts the calorie intake. This is ideal for people who are looking to cut down on calories to manage weight. It is also ideal for body builders and fitness conscious. For instance, a cup of tea has around 50 calories from the Sugar added. By switching to Sugar substitutes, the calorie count can be reduced to 1 calorie or less.

3. Easy to use

Because of its allied properties like sugar in baking, canning, and packaging, you will find them used in a variety of products. Packaged sugar substitutes are normally calibrated for Single usage, so there is no confusion on how much to use

4. Better oral health

Excess sugar consumption can lead to tooth cavities. Sugar often gets deposited in between teeth and causes bacterial overgrowth and thus, damages the oral health. Unlike sugars, Sugar substitutes do not react with the bacteria in your mouth. This means they do not form acids or cause tooth decay.

5. Naturally occurring Sugar substitutes are available

Unlike earlier, plenty of naturally occurring sugar substitutes are available. Stevia is extracted directly from a plant leaf, while sucralose is often made from Sugar itself. At Zeugar, we use only naturally occurring Sugar substitutes and do not use chemicals like Saccharine or Aspartame

Cons of Sugar Substitutes

  1. After taste

Some Sugar substitutes do leave a sour or a bitter after taste. Many people may find the aftertaste very unpleasant. However, after taste can be largely reduced by selecting the right mix of Substitutes that blends with the natural taste palette of the dish being produced. At Zeugar, our many years of research has helped us arrive at the right mix of sugar substitutes that works for many dishes. In fact, our blind test indicates that more than 85% of people could not differentiate our Sugar Free dishes from their versions with Sugar

  1. False sense of security

Some research suggest that some diabetic patients can develop a false sense of security while consuming Sugar Free dishes and this can lead to excess consumption of sweet dishes. While the Sugar substitutes themselves are often Zero calorie, the dishes will have other ingredients which will have rich calories. It is therefore important to manage consumption, even if they are Sugar Free dishes

3. Excess consumption can lead to Gastrointestinal distress

Loose motions, bloating or frequent gases are the most common side effects seen due to excess consumption of Sugar substitutes. Follow the instructions on the packaging is therefore important. At Zeugar, we have designed our pack sizes in such a way that having a pack of our sweet at any time is safe and will not lead to any issues.

Fahim Umar

Fahim Umar